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Hello World! I’m Calvin, an engineer by education, data janitor by profession, and content creator by passion. I left the beautiful cityscapes of Vietnam to dive deep into the data oceans in the vivacious city of Singapore.

Currently, I find myself swabbing the cyber-decks of Grab - Southeast Asia’s biggest ridesharing company! Prior to my journey here, I served as a MLOps at Honestbee and a Data Scientist at Yokogawa Singapore, yes, you heard it right, I’ve been cleaning and crunching numbers for a living!

Ever wondered where your Grab ride information goes after you’ve reached your destination? Well, it comes to me. I wouldn’t say I’m its ultimate destination but I do make a pit-stop. Now, don’t worry, I’m not snooping on your whereabouts, instead, I’m just maintaining and building that real-time processing platform, ensuring it remains as smooth as your last Grab ride!

In my past lives, I’ve twirled around with data platforms, waltzed with data warehouses and even constructed a data science platform.

Oh, and when I’m not elbow deep in data, you’ll find me creating content. You might want to check out my YouTube channel – there’s some pretty funny stuff there – trust me, I’m an engineer!

Join me in my journey as I juggle between cleaning data, building platforms and creating content that is more entertaining than ‘waiting for a bus during peak hours’. Here’s to hoping my blog brings a bit of data humor into your day!

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