Application with 2 pods failed to be scheduled on k8s cluster

Context: I have two nodes in two different regions, 1a and 1b. Node 1a is heavily utilized in terms of resources, while node 1b is relatively new and has ample capacity available. When I execute the command helm install application, one of the pods fails to be scheduled despite its minimal resource requirements. Conversely, the other pod successfully runs on node 1b.

Recommended Actions:

  1. To address the scheduling issue, reduce the CPU resource request from 250m to 25m. This adjustment enables the pod to successfully schedule on node 1a.
  2. After investigating further, I discovered that I deployed the application two days ago. During that deployment, it created a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) on node 1a. Consequently, the pod consistently schedules on node 1a instead of node 1b.