2020 in a Nutshell

2020, A year that no one can forget. A year with so so many things happen

The “Covid”

man-with-mask Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unplash

Covid” - this is the word that everyone in the world known in 2020. A virus happened in Wuhan in late 2019 and transfer to 2020. It creates a pandemic everywhere around the world.

The bell rang in March 2020 that indicated a four months lockdown, follow up with A New Normal. I have to stay in the house for almost four months and get used to new habits

  • Queue and scan at the shopping mall.
  • Book timeslot for the gym.
  • Gather a maximum in the group of 5.
  • Shopee and Lazada for everything.

Well, that’s not bad for an introvert like me. Only one sad thing, I cannot travel. I want to go back to Vietnam badly to visit my parent. The last time I saw them is right before the lockdown day (27/03).

I’m glad that I’m living in a country that everyone is aware of and do their part to protect themselves, protect the whole community. Well, Not to mention my motherland, we’re fighting to protect the country as well. My family is still fine and doing their daily routine.

thank-you Photo by Nicholas Bartos on Unplash

Lastly, I want to send my regards to all the frontiers, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and deliverers who sacrifice themselves to work during Circuit Breaker. You’re the angels sent by God - Thank you.


How can I scope it?

My company closed the office during circuit breaker. And I have to work from home until the new office ready (could be the end of 2021).

My ex-manager left the team and joined Facebook UK, which meant I had a new manager. After working with him for four months, I found that he is humble, funny, and seems to be a good guy.

There isn’t anything to say much about my job in 2020. I like it except for the salary (well, that’s the only thing people complain about).

I gained around 2 kg, which is the result of home cooking food and gym.

Another remarkable milestone, my youtube channel reached 2700 subscribers at the end of the year with only seven videos.

TD; DR, a list of my achievements in 2020

  • An apartment in district 2
  • An investment plan (thanks to my finance advior)
  • A youtube channel and a small blog about data.
  • A certificate: Azure Data Scientist

happy-new-year Photo by Bao Menglong on Unplash

I won’t write any resolution for this coming 2021. Probably keep it for me. Happy New Year, everyone!