Recap of The Decade, 201x

Time flies by in the blink of an eye, from 2009 to 2019, ten years have passed. Personally, this decade is very remarkable. It likes an adventure for me; during those years, I joined university, graduated, got my first job, moved to new country, had a master degree and travel to different countries.

A Decade to Remember

So let’s rewind to 2009, year that I stepped through the gate of Ton Duc Thang university. To be honest, the first day wasn’t great to me because this is not my choice. I failed my dream university and I also didn’t choose to take computer science from beginning.

But somehow, destiny has it own path. Finally I graduated with the CS major.

I must admit that it’s a great time for me in those unidays. During that 4 years in the university, I met a lot of friends, some of them are still my brotherhood. I also faced the things that I hadn’t did before; from fail the subjects in school to get my first intern job as PHP developers.

Not to mention, I had scholarship from Soongsil university in 2013 and started up my first project:, a property website for students. Thing doesn’t go your way so after I graduated from both Ton Duc Thang and Soongsil, I join Go1 Vietnam in 2014. While working in GO1, I have another change to meet the incredible “senpais”. They was teaching me everything from A to Z to become a web developer (drupal, linux, terminal, deployment… all the latest technologies that I hadn’t heard before). I’m very appreciated it. Thank you very much guys, A Quan, A Sang, A Si, A Chau

It was a great year to me until I had new opportunity to migrate to Singapore and become the expat in 2015.

I still remember the moments that I won LTA Hackathon, met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the happiness of my mom - dad on my graduation day in NUS in 2016.

graduation day

My mom and dad

What I did well.

  • Participated in most of Hackathon during the time in NUS, winrare 75%.
  • Graduated Mtech with the best project award and feature in media for Vietnamese community
  • Been to new places; Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, India, Taiwan.
  • Found the path of my career and did the job that I’m passionate about.
  • And finally, met / reconnect with my mentors and friends who inspire my thinking and professionally.

Future plan

I’m not promised that I will finish all of them. But here is a list for myself to keep track.

  • Aim for Kaggle Master title.
  • Write more blog posts, not only in English but also in Vietnamese.
  • Travel to one new country in this year (at least).
  • Keep myself higher and non-stop learning.